Congratulations! You are a very wise shopper for having made the decision to explore our Services section. You understand the value of making a well-though-out purchase. You see value in protecting your investment - elevating your ownership experience, boosting re-sale value, and increasing the performance and safety of your ride.

Whether you're a first-time buyer, you're purchasing your tenth vehicle from us, or you're adding to your business fleet, there are some important options to consider.

We have three simple Services categories that we will review with you upon purchase of your vehicle:

Protect Your Investment

Protect your new or pre-owned vehicle from Ottawa's harsh Canadian climate with some of these solutions, available at all Tony Graham locations. Also, make sure you attend our regular New Owner Clinics to learn more about Protecting your Investment (and earn 50 Tony Graham Rewards points!).

Increased Warranty Coverage

Additional warranty coverage can provide you and your vehicle with coverage such as bonus oil and filter changes, towing, emergency road service, rental assistance, trip interruption assistance, tire road hazard protection and travel planning assistance. It can take over with mechanical protection when your vehicle's factory warranty ends providing coverage in some cases up to seven years or 200,000 kilometres.

Here's some great benefits of extended warranty coverage:

  • Genuine OEM parts, not sub-standard aftermarket parts
  • Factory-trained technicians that know your vehicle better than anyone
  • Assured, worry-free motoring for many years
  • Potential higher resale value
  • Protects your budget against unexpected expenses
  • Protects against the rising cost of vehicle repairs
  • No deductible

Available for both new or pre-owned vehicles, our great selection of manufacturer-backed & custom warranty plans will be tailored to your vehicle and your needs.

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Rust Protection

Rust never sleeps. And once it gets going, it can adversely affect how your car performs, shortening its life. Modern vehicles have many hard-to-reach crevices where moisture and dirt love to collect - creating ideal conditions for rust.

Platinum Shield offers two choices for holding rust at bay:

  • Rust Inhibitor Spray Protection is a synthetic waterproof product that's sprayed into inner cavities and crevices. It bonds to the metal, so it won't drip or run off. Since it's applied between the exterior and interior panels via existing holes in the doors, there's no drilling required. This one-time application extends the life of your car. View the Rust Protection video here!  
  • Undercoat Protection is specially formulated to preserve a car's most vulnerable, high-impact areas. It seals out moisture and protects against road salt. Being pliable, it won't crack, peel or chip. Plus, like a blanket, it helps insulate against extreme hot or cold, and deadens road noise and vibrations. Bottom line: you get a quieter ride while your vehicle's metal is guarded from moisture and debris. View the Undercoat Protection video here!

Keep your car looking new and bolster it's resale value - choose one or both rust protection options.

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Paint Protection

It's not hard for the sun's ultraviolet rays to cause your vehicle's paint to fade. The clear-coat finish on the painted surface on any car is uneven. Its peaks and valleys trap dirt, salt, pollutants and moisture, which dull the finish, ruin the look of your vehicle and affect its resale value. Applying Paint Protection effectively seals the paint, preventing harmful contaminants from affecting your paint. View the Paint Protection video here!

Paint Protection Film

This film is made from the highest grade 3M material and designed for the hood and front fenders. It helps guard your vehicle from weathering, UV radiation and road debris that can chip and scratch the finish. Constructed from durable, nearly invisible thermoplastic urethane, the clear-coated film helps your vehicle maintain a like-new appearance, while allowing you to clean and maintain your vehicle the same as before. Backed by a 7 year limited warranty.


A driver's spilled coffee or a child's sloppy snack are mishaps you can almost expect to challenge your car's interior. But what about bigger messes and more unexpected mishaps? A cut from a hockey skate, or a tear from an object forgotten in your pocket? An accidental spray that stains your headliner?

Protect your interior from stains & deterioration with Fabric and Leather protection:

Fabric Protection maintains the fine quality of your interior by penetrating individual fibres in the fabric. It stops liquids from soaking in and repels dirt. Spills wipe up easily to avoid permanent stains. This treatment won’t change the colour or texture of the fabric and it won’t leave an odour.
 Leather/Vinyl Protection conditions interior leather and vinyl. It protects against cracking and hardening by locking in essential oils and pigments. It prevents colour fading by screening leather and vinyl from the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays. A dashboard coated in its treatment receives a flat satin finish that eliminates glare and reduces dust.  


It's possible to upgrade to a Rip, Tear & Burn Guarantee as well - guaranteeing against perforation due to accidental rips, tears or burns. This option requires either the Fabric or Leather/Vinyl Protection.

Detailing (including Rewards detailings)

After a long dirty winter, or just before selling a car, a professional detailing inside and out can get your ride back to like-new condition. All Tony Graham locations have a full complement of detailing staff ready to tackle the toughest jobs. The highest level of detailing packages often dictate that we're working on your car for 5 or 6 hours including full HVAC system cleaning, underbody clean, engine shampoo, professional waxing and polishing using top-line industry power buffers.

Rewards members can enjoy several FREE vehicle detailing sessions as well! When you reach 450, 800 and 1000 points, you've earned a FREE Bronze, Silver or Gold detailing - without losing or 'cashing-in' your points! It's just a simple thank you for being such a loyal Service customer.

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Wear & Tear Passes

All Tony Graham locations offer various types of Wear & Tear packages that can protect you against reconditioning charges upon return of a Leased vehicle. Chipped windshields, damaged interiors, dented body panels or worn out tires and brakes will cost you if they're not in the required condition at the end of your Lease.

Wear & Tear Passes allow some damage/wear to exist without you being charged. For instance, Dent & Ding Protection is available, providing permanent paintless repair of normal parking-lot dings. Or Windshield Repair Protection will ensure your windshield (which is part of your airbags' safety system) is in proper condition with no chips or cracks.

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Tire Storage

We are really proud to bring you a simple and affordable tire-storage solution at all Tony Graham locations.

Simple indicate that you want us to store your off-season tires when not in use, and for $99.95 (taxes included, set of 4 tires mounted on rims) your tires are protected from being relegated to the shed in your backyard. Or more importantly your back is protected from having to haul the tires up and down basement stairs. With many vehicles sporting 18", 19" and 20" wheels now, each wheel/tire can weigh as much as 65lbs! 

Before we store the wheels & tires, we take note of each tire's tread-depth, so that you know the condition of your tires for next season. Your tires will be topped up to perfect pressure, and inspected for you in the springtime - ready to be installed on your car.

Springtime and Wintertime.


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Peace of Mind

Purchasing a new vehicle can be an exciting and thrilling event, however with great joy comes great responsibility. Any vehicle purchase can pose significant financial pressure for many people, so it's beneficial to add some peace-of-mind to the equation. All Tony Graham locations will review these solutions with you upon purchase of your vehicle.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is designed to protect your family from the financial risks of an untimely death. Should you die before the financial obligation on your vehicle is fully re-paid, your family will be spared the expense and worry of paying out the loan.

You are protected during the entire term of your loan or a shorter period if you select short term benefits. Because administration is direct between First Canadian and the credit granting institution, premiums are low and claims are easy. A few simple health questions may be required, however no physical exam is necessary to qualify.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is designed to protect you from the financial risks of an interruption in your ability to earn an income.

This 24 hour accident and sickness insurance makes your payments for an extended period of disability. If you are sick or become injured (on or off the job) and are unable to earn an income, then your monthly obligation will be paid on your behalf by First Canadian, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Once the disability has continued beyond the waiting period, your monthly payment is automatically paid on your account. Benefits can even be paid retroactively from the first day of the disability if you elect that plan. Benefits continue for as long as you remain disabled as defined in the policy. You may claim as many times as necessary during the term of your coverage. All disability insurance programs protect the entire term of your loan, or a shorter period if you select short term benefits. Also, partial payment disability benefits are available to allow you to tailor the coverage and the premium to your specific needs.

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We include standard Walkaway coverage on all Lease and Finance purchases so that you can be prepared when the unexpected happens.

Walkaway is an innovative Canadian company that offers smart, responsible, debt protection products that guard you against unexpected circumstances which can make it difficult for you to make the payments on your vehicle’s lease or loan. If something unforeseen happens to you – like experiencing a physical disability or losing your job – their unique products can eliminate your vehicle debt or make payments on your behalf.

Here is what you're covered for:

  • Involuntary Unemployment
  • Physical Disability
  • Loss of Driver’s Licence (Age & Medical)
  • Accidental Death
  • Self-Employed Personal Bankruptcy
  • Critical Illness requiring Hospitalization
  • Temporary Job Layoff
  • Mental Disability
  • Self-Employed Disability
  • Family/Medical Leave of Absence
  • Qualifying for Walkaway is different from other products:
  • No pre-existing health exclusions
  • No health questions or good health statements
  • No employment questions
  • No age limits on complimentary coverage

All of this is compliments of the Tony Graham Automotive Group for the first year of your purchase contract.

Check out this video to see how Walkaway is taking care of Ray:

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Roadside Assistance

Most of the new vehicles we offer come standard with Roadside Assistance. Also, many Extended Warranty options include increased Roadside Assistance coverage. You won't have to worry about where you can obtain assistance when mishaps requiring Emergency Roadside Service or Mechanical Breakdown Towing is needed. Throughout Canada and in some cases the Continental U.S., our Central Emergency Roadside Services Operator will always be there to ensure you receive prompt, efficient service from one of the many facilities qualified under our manufacturer's approved Roadside Assistance Programs. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, you, your car and your loved ones are always going to be taken care of.

Here are some key services that are covered in most of our Manufacturer's Roadside Assistance programs:

  • Emergency Service Calls
  • Cold weather starting / battery boost
  • Changing a flat or damaged tire
  • Delivery of gas to stranded vehicle
  • Lockout Assistance
  • Mechanical Breakdown Towing
  • Accident Towing
  • Winching

Roadside Assistance Contact Phone Numbers - we suggest you add these to your phone's contacts:

Manufacturer Roadside Assistance Number
Lexus 1-800-26-LEXUS (1-800-265-3987)
Toyota  1-888-TOYOTA-8 (1-888-869-6828)
Scion  1-866-9-SCION-1 (1-866-972-4661)

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Rental Car Discounts

If your car needs to spend some time with us, make sure you take advantage of the Rental Car Discounts we have arranged on your behalf. Tony Graham Rewards members enjoy exclusive member rates from participating Hertz Rental Car locations. To ensure a vehicle is ready and waiting upon your arrival, please reserve your rental vehicle when booking your service appointment.

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Lost Key Return Service

Losing your keys always creates chaos. A great component of the Tony Graham Rewards program is the Lost Key Return Service. Should you lose your keys, instructions on your Tony Graham Rewards key-tag will assist in their safe return to you! Just another reason to keep your key-tag on your key ring at all times, not to mention all the Ottawa-area merchant discounts you'll be receiving with the key-tag.

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AADA Lease Exchange

Things happen. Life changes. Sometimes unexpectedly.

Tony Graham's very own AADA Lease Exchange Network introduces people who want to get out of their vehicle lease to people who want to take over a short-term vehicle lease. And Tony Graham Rewards members are entitled to one free Lease Exchange listing! It's simple, and we're here to guide you.

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Enhance Your Ride

There are so many great features on cars these days from power lift gates to parking assist systems, but everyone has unique needs and wants from their car. It's fun and important to make your car your own.

So we've put together several key enhancements that you can optionally add to many of the cars we sell. There are Appearance enhancements, Convenience enhancements and Performance enhancements.

Enhance Your Vehicle's Appearance

  • Window Tint - we use the highest quality tinting films available, templated perfectly for every vehicle we sell. There are several levels of tint-darkness, all of which are fully approved, safe, and legal for use in Canada.
  • Bug deflectors and 3M ClearShield - There's no doubt the front of your car takes a harsh beating from road-grit, salt and stone-chips. We can apply attractive bug-deflectors to any car, or for the utmost in paint-protecting - 3M's popular ClearShield film, which is nearly invisible.
  • Wheels & Tires - The #1 most-significant way to dramatically increase your vehicle's curb-appeal is to upgrade wheels & tires. Toyota, Lexus & Scion all offer great upgrade options, and we offer several extra styles as well. We know what will fit your car perfectly without affecting safety or your car's warranty. Check out our Toyota tire-selector here.
  • Spoilers, Body Kits and Fog Lights - Once you have the perfect stance with new wheels & tires, body modifications can complete the visual upgrade. We sell and install all of the manufacturer body kits, which are fully warrantied and supported by the factory. Depending on your choice of vehicle, there are often aftermarket solutions on offer too, from companies like Five-Axis and Stillen, among others.
  • Custom Paint & Vehicle Wraps - Business owners understand that advertising is critical. Make your vehicle a key component of your marketing efforts, since it's with you at every job site and client visit. We can wrap your vehicle in durable vinyl graphics, or create a custom paint scheme that will meet your needs, and increases the vehicle's resale value when it's time to update your fleet.

Great Convenience Features

  • Remote Auto Starters - Ottawa has the coldest winters in our region. Adding a remote auto starter will get your vehicle up to temp, heated seats warmed, and windows cleared while you get the last few sips of coffee before setting off on your commute. We offer only tried and tested remote starters that have a proven track record of reliability and value, starting at $499 installed.
  • Racks & Carriers - As important as remote starters are in winter, being able to attach bicycles, camping supplies, kayaks and more to your car in the summer is also of great importance. Expand your storage options with our high-quality
  • Navigation systems - Today many cars come with factory navigation systems, however it's still possible to add a GPS navigation system to many models that don't have them as standard.  Each vehicle is different, so ask us for details.
  • Entertainment systems - Just like GPS navigation systems, some vans & SUVs come with rear-entertainment systems from the factory. It's almost always possible to add rear-DVD players & screens, or even a video-game system to your new or used car - keeping the kids happy and giving you a peaceful journey!
  • Audio & Bluetooth - In Ontario it's the law to have hands-free communication systems if you plan to make phone calls on the move. If not equipped standard, let us integrate a factory-designed Bluetooth hands-free calling system to you vehicle. When you're not on the phone - enjoy your music with some great audio upgrades that we've selected both from the manufacturer and the best aftermarket providers.

Enhance Your Vehicle's Safety & Performance

All the manufacturers that we represent have engineered incredible, leading edge safety systems into every product they make. However these systems rely on the fact that your tires are in top performance condition whether you're on winter, summer or all-season tires.

  • Upgrading your tires can provide so many benefits:
  • Increased tire life & durability
  • Higher levels of grip and steering feedback
  • Quieter & smoother ride
  • Better wet-weather & snow performance

Every Tony Graham location will always inspect your tire's tread-depth, inflation pressure and wear patterns for free, any time you wish, in our Service drive-through. Then when it comes time to replace or upgrade tires, choose your preferred Tony Graham location below to see your best bets specific to your vehicle:

Tony Graham Toyota   
Kanata Toyota       
Tony Graham Scion 
Tony Graham Lexus 

For serious enthusiasts, once you've upgraded your rubber, add some serious performance modifications to go to the next level, and ensure your vehicle is ready for one of Ottawa's many great track-days or autocross / slalom events

Toyota and it's respective brands Scion & Lexus have some of the most envious racing heritage in all of the auto industry. From their participation in grass-roots local racing to Formula One, NASCAR, Le Mans 24-hour and Formula Drift competition, these brands know how to engineer seriously capable and seriously awesome performance products. Also, we're proud to be authorized dealers and installers of Five Axis Design products and drool-inducing Stillen parts for incredible aftermarket options.